SEO and Website Design in Columbia, SC

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We do more than just SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) in the Columbia and Lexington, SC Areas. We help turn generated web traffic into paying customers. Search Engine optimization is a science and we take it seriously. Local SEO is important to small businesses because it levels the playing fields against big businesses.

Web design is very important because once the customer gets to your website, half the battle is keeping them there. Part of our approach is a two prong attack.

Getting potential customers to your website.

Keeping customers on your website and converting them into “paying customers”.

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SEO and Search Engine Pros!

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Internet Marketing is a pertinent part of a businesses marketing model. Google is an ever-changing animal and we are here to help you deal with them!

Search engines have a set of rules they use to determine the relevance of your content with regard to a search phrase. This set of rules (or algorithm) isn’t published and is subject to constant tweaking. Ultimately, there are thousands of details involved in optimizing a site. Only someone who does this on a daily basis is able to recognize and take advantage of the myriad details that can increase a site’s ranking.

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Columbia SEO in 2015

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Pretend you’re a potential customer, hop on Bing or Google and type in any keywords that you think they would enter in the search box. See where you lie in the hierarchy. Are you on the first page in the results? If you were a customer, would you go to the 3rd, 4th or 5th page. Columbia, SC’s local search engine ranking is very competitive and Drake Media Design will give you that edge to dominate the Google search results in your niche. Focus on what you do best….run your business.We have proven results that have increased current client’s web traffic.The internet is here to stay and Search Engine Optimization in Columbia SC is not dead!

More web traffic means more profits

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For the price of a part-time marketing professional, you can increase your profits 10-fold through a beautifully executed Search Engine OptimizationSocial Networking Campaign. Drake Media Design uses over three years of experience with Google’s algorithms and Bing’s ranking techniques to raise your website’s standing in the search engines. The first “search result page” is definitely a golden territory on the web!

Social networking is a must have marketing strategy for today businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram all play a vital roll in successful online branding.

Together, SEO and Social Networking make a internet marketing juggernaut.

Mobile App Development In The Greater Columbia Area

Some businesses or individuals do not require a complex app. For example, most bars and restaurants usually want to showcase their menus and events, maybe synch with Open Table or APP ordering and payment through their mobile app. All of this can be accomplished through a platform app. By incorporating customizable templates and select functionality, you can save considerably on development costs while creating a very professional and highly functional mobile app.

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Tailored Mobile APP Development in the Columbia Area is highly specialized, and specific to the platform you’re creating the app for (i.e., iOS, Android etc.). Drake Media Design’s process involves in-depth  meetings to conclude your particular needs, functionality and navigation through your mobile app. Take your business to the next level and call us for a consultation! 803-447-8060

Quality SEO that Works

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if you have a existing website or need one built, our SEO Company in Columbia will be the final destination in your search for a trusted SEO Services provider in Columbia and Lexington areas or across USA. Our proven-to-work promotion techniques are based on common logic what Google “likes” and what it believes is good for your site.

Our SEO Services include:

The internet has made many industries that were traditionally locked to magazines, mailing lists, or referrals to broaden their reach to a worldwide audience. With the push into the WWW era, there has been a de-emphasis on the local storefront. Businesses are increasingly trying to move their businesses into the online space to better compete. However, not all businesses (like many service-based companies) can live completely online. So what do businesses like restaurants, car repair shops, or medical practices do in the age of the Internet?


Drake Media Design provides a mix of Professional Photography Services. We specialize in Car and Boat dealership photography. Over 90 % of customers research online before purchasing a car or boat. With a mix of professional photos and graphics along with the push of SEO you can pull ahead of your competitors. You need a photographer that can do all of the above !